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The Grid View is here to give you a fresh perspective on your research. Grid View presents your data in a structured grid format, offering a more intuitive and efficient way to navigate through your content.

How to Access Grid View:

Just navigate to the desired Topic and in the top right corner, you will find an option to switch on Grid View. Your preference will be saved, maintaining that format until you choose to switch it back.

Side Panel

To ensure a smooth and organized experience with Grid View, we've created a dedicated Side Panel for every snippet. This is where you can access comments and additional details related to each snippet. To access this panel, simply click the "Open" button located in the bottom right corner of each snippet.

How to get back on Board View

If you want to switch back to the classic Board View, don't worry it's just as easy as switching to Grid View. Simply press the familiar button you used to switch to Grid View.

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