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How to manage a Collabwriting Workspace?
How to manage a Collabwriting Workspace?
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How to access your Workspace

When you create or are added to a Team Version, you’ll be able to see it in the top left corner of the navigation.

By clicking on the arrows you’ll be able to see all workspaces that you are a member of and switch between them as needed.

Workspace Settings

You can only edit Workspace Settings for workspaces when you're the owner. To access settings navigate to a particular Workspace and then click the “Settings and members” item in the side navigation.

Here you can rename the workspace and add additional team members.

How to rename the workspace

To rename the workspace just click on the name field and click "Enter" once you're done making changes.

How to add users to your workspace

To add new users to your workspace type out the email for their Collabwriting Account in an Email Address field, then click the button on the right.

After that, the user will be added to your workspace.

Be aware that this option is only available with Team Version plan!

If they don't have an account already, they'll be sent an email invitation to join.

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