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How to start with Team Version and how to make the most out of it.

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Assuming you are already using Collabwriting as your daily tool and looking for an improvement in your team collaboration. The Team Version is probably what you need.

How to start with Team Version?

Simply head to your Dashboard's Plans and features page and start your free trial - it's that easy! Perfect way to explore all the benefits the Team Version has to offer.

Once you click Start Free Trial, you'll be redirected to the payment process.

Don't worry, your subscription won't begin right away. Instead, you'll enjoy a full 14-day trial period before your subscription starts.

Using Team version?

The Team Version simplifies collaboration by allowing you to add all your team members to a single workspace. This ensures everyone has access to all Clusters/Topics within that workspace, eliminating the need to share each topic individually.

How to add new workspace members?

Just go to your Workspace Settings panel, enter their registered email addresses, and they're added.

If they're not on Collabwriting yet, they'll get an email to sign up.

One account - multiple workspaces

You can access multiple workspaces from your existing account - simply navigate between workspaces as needed.

To do it follow these simple steps:


  1. Navigate to your current workspace name

  2. Click it and check all the Workspaces you are added to

  3. Chose one you want to switch to


  1. Open the Dropdown Menu to see Topics

  2. Click on Workspace Name

  3. Chose Workspace you want to switch to

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