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How to Share Topic with Collaborators?
How to Share Topic with Collaborators?
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When sharing a Collabwriting link, you have the option to set Access Roles. This enables you to share Topics with your colleagues and assign them permissions.

Currently, supported permissions are:

  • Viewer - Can view snippets and comments for shared topic

  • Commenter - Can leave comments on certain snippets

  • Editor - Can add and remove snippets for a shared topic

  • Owner - The creator of a certain topic, can edit Access Roles for that particular Topic

General link permissions

To access the Topic’s Roles settings, when you are on the Dashboard, go to a certain topic and click the "Share" icon in the top right.

Then from the General Access section, you can select:

  • Restricted access - Only the Topic owner can access a certain Topic

  • Anyone with the link access - Topic owner can decide access role for the shared Topic

After selecting Anyone with the link, you can choose between:

  • Viewer

  • Commenter

  • Editor

These access privileges will then be added to anyone having access to that particular link.

The permissions settings can also be accessed by clicking the share icon at the bottom of the extension

User-based permissions

Users can be assigned specific roles when sharing Collabwriting links, that can differ from the set general link permissions.

Only existing users can be assigned roles, but you can send an email invitation to anyone to register for free straight from the panel.

The same users can also have different roles in different topics.

Changing permissions from extension

You could also add another user or share specific topic trough extension.

Accessing shared topics

When someone shares a certain topic with you, they will appear in the “Shared with me” section in both the extension and the Dashboard.

If the link-sharing settings change (or your access is revoked by the owner of the topic), you'll no longer have the option to access any of the data.

Leaving shared Topic

If you want to leave Topic shared with you, all you need to do is to click "3 dots" button on that Topic and choose option Leave.

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