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Can I export the data from Collabwriting?
Can I export the data from Collabwriting?
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In Collabwriting, you have the flexibility to export your data for easy sharing and storage.

To begin, access your Dashboard and locate the three dots associated with the Topic you wish to export. Click on these dots to proceed.

Export as CSV

This option allows you to save your content and collaborative work in a structured, easily editable format. Ideal for those who want to continue working on or analyzing the data.

Export as PDF

You will find the ''Print'' button in the drop-down menu. This will open a Print panel where you will have an option to save it as a PDF. Ideal for those who want to have a presentation-ready document.

Drag&Drop to a different app

If you want to export only some part of your research, you can do it by grabbing the snippet you want to export and drag it to the source you want (Gmail, Notion, GoogleDocs...). This will copy the content of your snippet there.

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