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How to open an online PDF in Collabwriting?
How to open an online PDF in Collabwriting?
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An online PDF can be opened with Collabwriting through the Dashboard, as well as directly through the extension.

Opening a PDF through the extension

Once you've opened an online PDF, click on Collabwriting's extension icon in the top right.

Now, click on the button that appears.

The PDF will open in a new window, where you can create highlights and leave notes.

Opening a PDF through the Dashboard

First, go to your Dashboard and in the upper left corner find the "PDF viewer" button.

Now, paste the link of your PDF document in the available field on the new page that opens.

Once you've pasted the link, click the "Open from URL" button.

You'll be able to effortlessly highlight and save any information that catches your attention, allowing you to curate a collection of valuable insights.

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