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Adding Topics to Clusters Directly on Extension
Adding Topics to Clusters Directly on Extension
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You can now add Topics to Clusters directly on Extension when you are collecting your data.

Open the Extension:

When you open the extension, the initial view displays the last Topic you visited. To access all Topics, click on the name of the current Topic.

Navigate to Clusters:

Inside the Topic view, you'll find sections dedicated to Clusters and the Topics within them.

Locate the Cluster:

Identify the Cluster to which you want to add a new Topic. Each Cluster has a name, and next to it, you'll find a "+" button.

Add a Topic to the Cluster:

Click the "+" button next to the desired Cluster. This action creates a new Topic within that specific Cluster.

By following these steps, you can efficiently organize and structure your data by directly associating Topics with relevant Clusters.

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