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How to search through the app?
How to search through the app?
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Within the dashboard, you can explore topics and snippets through a comprehensive search feature.

Located in the upper right corner, you'll find the Search Topic function. Simply click on it to start searching.

Through the use of keywords, this search tool examines snippets' contents (excluding comments).

This refined search capability ensures that you easily pinpoint the desired information you seek, fostering efficient knowledge retrieval within your Collabwriting experience.

Advanced Search

If you are looking for multiple words, you could do it by using operators & and | within your search.

If you type word1 & word2, search result will show snippets that contains both of that words. if you type word3 | word4, search result will show snippets that contains eather word3 or word4 or both of that words.

Add " - " at the beginning of the search term to remove results containing it.

Add " ~ " to do a fuzzy search.

AI research suggestions

Know what you're looking for but it's now showing up in your Collabwriting search results?

Check out the AI suggestions and see if they can bring you one step closer to finding the answer.

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